Chongqing Sanfeng Environmental Industrial Group Co., Ltd (CSEG), founded in 1998, is a large environmental group providing full chain services in the WTE industry, including project investment, construction, operation and equipment supply. It has dedicated to the waste to energy technology business since its establishment. Sanfeng Environment owns the biggest stoker manufacturing workshop in the world. It has continuously improved the waste incineration and flue gas treatment technology based on the study of Martin technology. Sanfeng Environment has quickly spread and applied Martin Technology to more than 119 production lines in over 50 projects and become the number one WTE enterprise in China, regarding the widest application of its technology.
Invest and build WTE BOT project

Sanfeng Environment's technology has applied to more than 50 projects and over 119 incineration production lines all around the world. It has invested and built more than 19 WTE BOT projects in China.

EPC service for WTE project
MSW incineration technology and core equipments
菲律宾太阳城Professional O&M service for WTE plants
Technology Center
Approved by the Chinese Environmental Protection Ministry, Sanfeng Environment has established the Sole State Environmental Protection Engineering Center for Waste Combustion and Resource. The engineering and technology center is a platform used to promote new WTE technology in China, compile national standards and hold industrial conferences. So far, Sanfeng Environment has held many industrial conferences, compiled the Municipal Solid Waste Incinerator and Boiler Manual, as well as a series of Chinese national standards and industrial criteria in 11 technical fields.
Stoker manufacturing base for municipal waste
Team Of Research
Technology Process
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